How long is the logistics cycle?

Due to different locations in different countries and regions, please refer to transportation policies for detailed information.

Are your products made from original products?

Yes, all of our products are handmade using original products. But for safety reasons, our battery is a fake battery.

Where is your headquarters located? Where is it produced?

Our headquarters are located in New York, and all products are handmade using original products.

Is the battery in your product genuine?

We mount similar products, using fake batteries for safety reasons. These batteries pose no danger whatsoever, as they are identical in size, appearance, and function to real batteries. All other products containing batteries are equipped with genuine batteries and can be used normally.

What is the size of your product?

We have two main frame sizes,
Width 33.2cm x Height 33.2cm x Depth 3.7cm (approximately 13.07 x 13.07 x 1.4 inches)
Width 45cm x Height 32.7cm x Depth 3.7cm (approximately 17.7 x 12.8 x 1.4 inches)

Can you use my own product for mounting?

Sorry, as electronic devices may encounter many problems during international transportation, we currently do not have this service available.

Do you have any other products besides your existing ones?

If you want other products besides our official website, you can use WISHLIST or official email( bisnuf@bisnuf.com )Contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

What is your refund policy?

Our product supports 14 day refunds.

The product I purchased was damaged during transportation, how should I solve it?

We will protect the product very well and use an organic glass front frame. If the product you purchased is damaged during transportation, we will refund or replace the product for you. Please refer to the refund policy for details.

What are your payment methods?

Our payment methods include mainstream credit card and PAYPAL.

Do you sell design documents for paper mounting?

We do not sell design documents with paper mounting, but we have PRO versions of our products and can choose to replace the paper mounting.

Do you have any other models of iPhones?

We are researching and designing other models of iPhones, and in addition, we have more other products. Stay tuned.

Do you have international transportation?

Due to differences in countries and regions, transportation time is relatively long in some countries and regions. If you are unable to purchase our products, please do not hesitate to contact our official email address( bisnuf@bisnuf.com )Contact us.