Welcome to our world, a unique industry dedicated to breathing new life into old phones. As a specialized team in the disassembly and framing of vintage phones, we cherish and trace the history of classic products because we believe each classic phone is the beginning of a story.

In this rapidly evolving era of technology, classic products often find themselves marginalized in the wave of technological advancements. However, we see a unique charm in these old phones. Each old phone carries the imprints of time, serving as a witness to personal memories and a symbol of technological progress. Therefore, we consider these classic products as precious cultural heritage, hoping to impart new value through our efforts.

We deeply understand that the lifecycle of classic products should not come to an end with each wave of technological updates. On the contrary, we aim to prolong this life, transforming them into unique pieces of art—carefully disassembling and artfully framing them to create exquisite displays. Each phone screen becomes a window to showcase the passage of time, and each phone casing carries an individual's unique story.

Throughout this process, we are not only creating unique works of art but also making a tangible contribution to environmental conservation. By reprocessing and repurposing old phones, we reduce the generation of electronic waste, contributing our small part to the conservation of Earth's resources. We firmly believe that the inheritance of classic products is not just about nostalgia but also about passing on this precious culture to future generations while advocating for the principles of sustainable development.

Join us in exploring this world that seamlessly blends the classic with the innovative. Witness old phones, in our hands, radiating new brilliance, becoming unique and dazzling pieces of art. Thank you for joining us in the pursuit of the classic and for contributing to environmental conservation.