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As I showcase my middle school iPhone, memories flood my mind. I collect storytelling iPhones, crafting art.


👾 Framing the classic Game Boy evokes pure joy and cherished memories, an eternal companion.🕹️



Our Sustainable Development

The process of recycling old electronic products to presenting artworks is a continuous updating cycle. At the same time, we promise to donate $1 to charity organizations for every product sold



Hello there! I'm Eason, proud designer at Bisnuf. Design is my passion, and each creation represents a culmination of my hard work and inspiration, resulting in unique digital artworks. The birth of BISNUF marks an adventurous journey embarked upon with Jackie and Kerr. The three of us share a love for high-tech gadgets, handmade crafts, and design, transforming ordinary Apple phones into valuable pieces of art imbued with stories. Join us to experience the collision of technology and creativity, witnessing the magical process of turning memories into exquisite masterpieces. If you also cherish nostalgic items with stories, then join us on this journey.

We rearrange and combine every old object in the form of "artworks," carefully design and produce them, and finally present you with products full of artistic feelings. We reject excessive packaging and hope to reduce the waste rate of electronic products while advocating for resource recycling, so as to achieve the new life of old things while contributing to building a sustainable world.


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