Collection Valuation and Recycling

As our lives continually improve, each of us accumulates various electronic devices at home. Some devices accompany us through different stages of life, while others become inoperable but are too valuable to discard. Against this backdrop, BISNUF is dedicated to integrating art into everyday life. The inspiration for our creation stems from an experience of clearing out old belongings. During this process, we stumbled upon an iPhone left behind by a healthcare worker during the pandemic. It triggered countless memories in our minds. Though it no longer functions, it bears witness to the moments and experiences of that time.

In order to extend the life of these "special significance" products and contribute to social welfare, we have launched a recycling program. In addition to participating in charitable acts, you can also give new life to old items. To facilitate your donations, we have provided a detailed donation process for you:

Step 1: Contact us via the email below, and we will respond to you within 1-3 business days.
Step 2: You can mail your unused electronic products to us.
Step 3: Upon receiving the products, our professional evaluation team will conduct a comprehensive inspection and note the detailed information of the donor.
Step 4: After the evaluation is complete, the items will undergo a redesign and framing process, transforming them into exquisite works of art.
Step 5: The art pieces will be placed on the BISNUF official website for auction.
Step 6: Profits generated from the auction will be donated to charitable organizations.

Every step of this recycling program reflects our steadfast commitment to resource reuse and philanthropic activities. The plan to donate all products will be publicly disclosed on our website. We believe that with more efforts, we can reduce consumption and emissions.
We pledge that all profits obtained from this initiative will be donated to organizations to promote the development of environmental and educational causes. Let's take action together, allowing this love to flow even further, and contribute our share to building a greener and more sustainable world.
We hope that friends from various online communities will gather drops of love into a warm stream of compassion. BISNUF is willing to collaborate with friends to advance the development of charitable and environmental causes. Let's take action together!

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