The Birth of PowerPoint: An Apple Affair

In the 21st century, PowerPoint has become an indispensable tool in classrooms, workplaces, conferences, and beyond, but do you know its origin story and its surprising connection to Apple?

Robert Gaskins is often hailed as the visionary entrepreneur behind PowerPoint. Recognizing a burgeoning market for commercial slides in the mid-1980s, he conceived the idea of merging slides with computers. Joining Forethought in Silicon Valley in 1984, Gaskins spearheaded the development of a program called Presenter, which eventually evolved into PowerPoint, the predecessor of the ubiquitous presentation software we know today.

However, PowerPoint 1.0 had its roots firmly planted in the Apple ecosystem. Launched in April 1987, the initial version of PowerPoint was designed for Mac computers, thanks to investments from Apple. Merely four months later, Microsoft swooped in and acquired Forethought for $14 million, ushering in a new chapter for PowerPoint.

Three years down the line, PowerPoint for Windows emerged, cementing its place in the Microsoft suite of office software and revolutionizing the way presentations are made and delivered worldwide.

But did you know that the concept of commercial slide shows predates PowerPoint by several decades? The world's first commercial slide show can be traced back to 1958, courtesy of General Electric, showcasing early design elements akin to today's PowerPoint presentations, including data visualization and charting.

Today, there's a creative blend of technology and artistry emerging from Apple enthusiasts and artists alike. Enter BISNUF, a company that transforms electronic products, including iPhones, into unique artworks. Through Teardown Framed Artworks, Bisnuf disassembles gadgets and offers frames and DIY kits for various devices like iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, PSP, and evenGameboy. Providing a fusion of technology and artistry. Similarly, Xreart celebrates the nostalgia of classic tech products through deconstruction art, offering a unique perspective on iconic gadgets from yesteryears.

From its humble beginnings on Apple computers to its global dominance in the Microsoft ecosystem, PowerPoint's journey is a testament to the enduring intersection of technology, creativity, and innovation.
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