Some fascinating, lesser-known facts about Apple

While many tech companies have been swept away by the relentless passage of time, fading into mediocrity or disappearing entirely, Apple stands out more than ever. And there are plenty of intriguing facts about Apple that often go unnoticed, such as the involvement of three founders, the origin of its name, and how iPhone teardowns can be considered works of art. Let's delve into the lesser-known stories of Apple.


The Third Founder of Apple

Our current understanding of Apple usually centers around its two well-known co-founders, Jobs and Wozniak. However, the story is incomplete without mentioning the third founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne. Wayne, a former colleague of Jobs, played a crucial role in mediating between Jobs and Wozniak in the company's early days.

When Apple was established, the stock ownership was divided as follows: 45% for Jobs, 45% for Wozniak, and 10% for Wayne. Unfortunately, Wayne, haunted by past business failures and skeptical about the personal computer industry's growth prospects, decided to leave Apple just 11 days after its founding. Later, he sold back his shares to the company for a mere $2,300. Had he held onto his shares, they would have been worth $7 billion today.


The Origin of Apple's Name

The origins of Apple's name have sparked various theories. Some suggest biblical connections, like Eve eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, while others cite Isaac Newton's apple and gravity. Another theory ties the name to Alan Turing, the computer pioneer, who reportedly committed suicide by consuming a poisoned apple, leading Steve Jobs to name his company in homage to Turing.

When considering names for the company, they explored technical terms like "Matrix" or concocted new words like "Executek." However, Jobs ultimately proposed "Apple," citing his recent visit to an apple orchard and the word's friendly and non-threatening connotations. The name also had the added advantage of appearing before Atari in the phone book.


iPhone Frame Art

The iPhone is not only a technological marvel but also a canvas for artistic expression. Despite older models like the iPhone 4S falling out of everyday use, some individuals repurpose them into art pieces.

During a photography event, Zach, the lead photographer at Xreart Studio, accidentally dropped his iPhone 6 from a 5-meter height, rendering it unusable. As an avid Apple enthusiast, he couldn't bear to part with it. Inspired by a forum post showcasing an unused iPhone displayed in a frame, Zach and his team collaborated to create the first iPhone deconstruction frame.

This endeavor led to the creation of BISNUF, which specializes in Teardown Framed Artworks. They dismantle electronic products like iPhones and offer frames and DIY kits for various gadgets. Their creations serve as unique decorations, collections, and nostalgic reminders of classic tech products.

BISNUF takes you on a journey through the history of technology, turning disassembled gadgets into captivating works of art.

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